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Rickety Rockety Media delivers creative video advertising with a unique comedic sensibility that attracts potential customers. Using our combined expertise in marketing and technology we create an advertising platform for your single or multi-location business that will better position you for success.

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Reasons To Use Video

See how video can improve your online presence and bring customers to your product Use video marketing to increase profitability and learn about your customers

  • We take care of all the heavy lifting so your video creation process doesnt require much effort on your part.
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  • Video has been proven to be the most effective way of reaching customers. Each day, billions of videos are viewed online and a major percentage of those viewers take action.
    • Over 2 billion videos watched online every day
    • 41% of viewers take action after watching an online ad
  • Our easy package pricing makes online video ads more affordable than any other form of advertising and reaches more customers than any other medium.
    • Multiple pricing options and add-ons
    • Our viral ads reach a total of 89 million Americans daily

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Why online video works

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What is an Instream Ad?

Our InStream Ad product is a :15 High Definition video advertisement that is designed for use on video hosting platforms such as YouTube, Hulu, Crackle and others.

How do I use an InStream Ad?

The ideal method is to upload your video to a major online content provider such as YouTube. You can also add it to your website and any social media platform your business may have, such as Facebook. If you are uncertain of how to distribute your ad, we can help you with that as well.

I do not understand YouTube or Facebook. What can I do?

No problem. If you need assistance setting up an account, we can help you. We also offer video hosting services through our own YouTube channel. Speak to one of our representatives and we can get your online marketing campaign started.

What type of visual images will be used in my ad?

That depends on your business. Here at Rickety Rockety, we always add a comedic twist to our advertisements. How far we go is up to you. You can view some sample videos here and see what fits your taste. We will work with you so that you can get the most out of your advertisement.

Can I run this ad on television?

We deliver to you a High Definition video file that is ideal for Internet use. Depending upon your local television stations requirements, it may be suitable. If you desire additional delivery formats, we can provide that too. Just let us know.

Forty dollars seems really cheap. Whats the catch?

No catch. You get a :15 High Definition video ad similar to our samples. You can use this ad however you choose and for as long as you like. Of course if you require more services or need some add-ons, you can contact us and we will do our best to meet your needs.

None of your packages work for my business. Do you offer anything else?

We can provide full production services for Internet and television. If you are interested in something beyond what is offered on our site please contact us. We will be more than happy to provide you with a customized solution.

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